I want to help horse and human to understand each other better. With a better understanding, we can find body limitations and dead ends on our mindset. Through different exercises and a mindful being we will change our and also the horses mindset to be able to the work on our own and our horses body.


Dear horsefriend,

in my training and teaching I aim to help horse and human to achieve more unity through body-awareness and mindfulness. I believe, that only a mindful and open mind can bring body-awareness and therefore a clear body langague. For me a good and honest relationship is based on clear, honest and true communication.


Academic Art of Riding

Academic Art of Riding


The Academic Art of Riding helps the horse to develop its body. The aim is straightness and healthy, balanced and clear movements . The AAoR helps finding suppleness and harmony .

Centered Riding

Centered Riding


Centered Riding is an unique training approach working with images and bodywork. It helps the rider to align the body and develop a healthy and functional posture and seat

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship


My horsemanship training is based on a clear communication reached through body-awareness and mindfulness. The aim is to find unity through a balanced soul of horse and rider.

About us


I, and therefore Equinity-Horsetraining, wouldn't be the same without my wonderful horses. Find out more about me, my philosophy and my most important teachers: Escapada and Druida.

Mindfulness, awareness and unity


Horses are my passion and therefore everything I do in life has an influence on my horsetraining. My yoga helps me to find a better body-awarenss, mindfulness training and meditation to slow down my thoughts and in the end its the horses that bring everything together.

They mirror me, my strengths and my weaknesses.

My teaching doesn't follow one specific method or trainer, but I listen to my own intuition and allow my students and their horses to bring in their own ideas. Always on the journey towards togetherness and unity which can only be achieved through softness and an open mind.




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